We believe tons of visionary research work centers on basic, applied, translational, pre-clinical and clinical protocols in neurosciences, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, oncology with few if any in non-invasive surgery. All of it is wonderful but we need cures! Our targeted focus is on other pathways for brain cancer treatment including remediation for hydrocephalus sufferers using cutting-edge medical techniques which successfully treat these and others neurological conditions

We believe now is the time for medical science to create a climate where the whole person is treated holistically from early diagnosis, to disease management, to the flow of new information that will help families make better decisions. Millions are spent each year on surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and a host of drug cocktail treatment programs, in the hope of beating the insidious effects of brain tumors. Yet far too many are dying needlessly. We believe that broadening the current clinical and methodological paradigm by creating an inclusive research model which involves an entire holistic lifestyle approach to battling these dreadful diseases. 

We believe our own family experiences regarding the journey we took with our PRECIOUS* ANGEL* and late daughter NIA* gives us a unique ability to point other families in the right direction. More young people under 40 in the UK and around the world will die of a malignant brain tumor more than any of the other cancers. NIA* however was one of those people who was fortune to not have brain cancer but died due to hydrocephalus and shunt malfunction. Our hope is that funding for brain tumor research must target hydrocephalus and the management of shunts